Colts News · Chicopee Comp vs High Game Summary

 The rivalry has begun as Chicopee High defeats Chicopee Comp in the first match of the cup game series. It started off quickly, as Chicopee Comp dominated the first minutes of the game, keeping the Pacers on their toes. Scoring the first goal in the beginning two minutes of the game Chicopee High was called for a handball in the box. Leading to freshman Kyle Girouard scoring off a penalty kick, making the game 1-0. Though that was only the beginning as High then stepped up the pressure. Shortly after comps goal, High responded with a long ball to Mamadi Jiana from Brennan Dort in the midfield tying up the game. Fighting back and forth the Pacers scored a second time as Brennan Dort found Mamadi Jiana again for a goal. After this goal Comp struggled to come back and fight as Super 7, Mamadi was taking over the field. Getting close to half time Mamadi scores his third goal of the game with an assist from Zachary Delany.  After half both teams fought the rest of the 40 minutes hard, putting in their all. Comp was able to leave the score 3-1 throughout the rest of the game, even with one of their starters being taken out from an injury. As high takes the first win to the series, the next game will be an even better battle as Comp hopes to make a comeback and win the cup after five years without it. 


The game is scheduled for October 24th, at Chicopee High.