Colts News · Comp Girls Volleyball!

Going into the season, Comp girls volleyball lost a lot of players last year but they have good solid ones who have stepped up. People thought they would fly under the radar but they have lots of potential. They have a deep bench where girls can play any position where they’re put. As we’re almost half-way into the season, the girls record is 4-2 which is off to a great start to be playoff bound. While keeping in touch with Coach Dussault, she said “My thoughts going into the season were that this was going to be a rebuilding year. After graduating 8 seniors last season and returning 2 starting players. I knew we needed time to put some pieces together. I am very pleased with those who have stepped up into big roles this year.” The volleyball team is coached by Brittany Dussault who was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame for her amazing athletic ability. Bringing her talent and experience from her younger years on the court, she thrives to see the competitiveness and success that her teams brings every game. The starters and key contributors are made up of a variety of girls in different grades. There are 4 seniors Caroline Pycko, Kassandra Guerro, Brianna Bushey, and Sophie Warren. Two juniors, Emma Gaskins and Albina Alekseyenko. Lastly 2 sophomore’s Raquel Terrazas and Madeline Seymour. Coach also said about her players,”Although, each player listed on our roster has specific roles and contributes to our teams success, whether it is a sub for a player who is struggling or if we need a serving specialist.” Coach Dussault also has a star player who was recently named Masslive Athlete of the Week, Caroline Pycko. Caroline brings several skills to the table. She’s strong, has amazing spikes and isn’t scared to get on the ground to keep the ball in play. Lastly, I asked “What are key components you want within your team/players?” She responded with, “The key components I want within my student-athletes are to have a positive attitude and have confidence in themselves. I want my players to be coachable and to make a commitment to their team. High energy, enthusiasm, and 100% effort day in and day out are also extremely important to me. I want my players to fall in love with the game and be able to motivate others around them to do the same.”As the season goes on we’re hoping for our girls volleyball team to be extremely successful.