Colts News · Unified Basketball

On Wednesday November 13th, our Unified Chicopee Basketball team took down Mount Greylock 64-52. While being in contact with Officer Hammon, the coach of the Unified Team, I asked him how the game went and if there were any standout players. Officer Hammon said that “our standout player of the game was Alexander “AJ” Pion who scored 18 points!” Aidan Raferty also scored his first basket of the season, which Coach Hammon said he deserved “with his constant hard work during practices.” Coach also preached on the fact that team work has always been a focus for the team. In conclusion, to wrap our conversation up, Coach said, “They continue to work so well together and providing them with lots of smiles and a W in the win column.” 

Our Unified Basketball Team is hosting a jamboree at Chicopee Comp where teams from Palmer, Northampton, Mt. Greylock, Agawam, Monson, Waconah, and Holyoke will play. The jamboree is next Thursday, November 21, at 3:30.